February 2024

Hargis Electric: Case Study for Decora Edge™

“Decora Edge is a game changer device because it is a well-engineered product that was probably engineered by an electrician. Features like the non-conductive color coded lever terminals, larger strap for a more stable installation that will fit behind a midway plate, the tongue and groove alignment system that aligns multiple devices together perfectly before the plate is installed, and the ability to use stranded wire. All of these features make for a better device for the customer and a faster installation for the electrician”, said Bryan Hargis of Hargis Electric.

Smart Energy Management Starts with
the Leviton Load Center

Check out our new video for an exciting snapshot of the amazing functionality users can tap into when you choose to install the Leviton Load Center with Smart Circuit Breakers in the homes you build. With the Leviton Load Center, it’s easy to increase the value of your homes and set them apart from the competition by offering customers the latest technology for home energy management.

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NEW! 50 Amp Heavy Duty Flush Mount Receptacle

Leviton is pleased to offer its new 50 Amp Heavy Duty Flush Mount Receptacle. The device delivers the ideal solution to power today’s Electric Vehicle Charging Stations as well as other high power draw appliances. With its robust design and performance, the Leviton 50A Heavy Duty Flush Mount Receptacle can sustain the necessary extended charge time and high frequency of insertions required by EV Chargers. A weather-resistant model is available for outdoor use.

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