November 2023

Leviton Decora Edge™ Case Study

Read about how one contractor discovered our newest wiring solution, and why he says, "In the future I will only use the Decora Edge over standard devices."

The Industry’s First Smart GFCI Outlet is Here!

Our new Smart GFCI Outlet bridges safety with the convenience today’s homeowners desire for smart home management.

This outlet provides peace of mind for users by sending notifications via the My Leviton app directly to their smartphone if the GFCI trips due to a ground-fault. The app provides at-a-glance details on protection status including if a ground-fault has occurred or if the GFCI is in test mode. The My Leviton app can also identify exactly which Smart GFCI has tripped in homes with multiple Smart GFCI Outlets installed.

It is ideal for remotely monitoring critical appliances, so homeowners can take immediate action in the event the GFCI trips and cuts power. The device also includes an optional audible alarm that can be enabled or silenced and is an upgrade to Leviton’s GFCI Outlet with Audible Trip Alert. The Smart GFCI Outlet complements the Leviton Decora Smart® product line and can be combined with other My Leviton-enabled devices to build a whole home smart solution reflective of today’s connected lifestyle.

Ramp Up Charging Capabilities with our
New 60W Dual Type A and Type-C with
Power Delivery USB Charger Receptacle

The latest addition to the Leviton line of USB Charger Receptacles offers your customers a combined total of 60W of charging power and power delivery to meet all their high-speed charging needs!

The 60W Dual Type A and Type-C with Power Delivery USB Charger Receptacle, available in 15A and 20A models, delivers up to 50 watts of power on its single Type-C port and offers up to 2X the charging power when paired with PD-enabled devices for fast, efficient charging.

Power Delivery supplies a higher level of power than standard charging offers. As a leader in electrical innovation, Leviton is expertly positioned to bring this technology to market and address the evolving charging needs associated with the latest phones, tablets, laptops and more.

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