August 2023

NEW Smart Circuit Breakers can be
Turned ON/OFF Remotely

By choosing to install 2nd Gen smart circuit breakers into the Leviton Load Center, you can eliminate your customers’ need for an essential loads panel; when grid power fails, they can keep essential circuits powered and automatically shed nonessential loads.* Simply designate essential loads in the My Leviton app and change them at any time, with no need for re-wiring. Plus, users can remotely turn 2nd Gen Smart Circuit Breakers ON or OFF for added convenience and control. With anomaly detection technology, alerts are sent via the My Leviton app if a circuit is drawing power for an unusual length of time, so homeowners can help prevent a disaster from happening, even when they aren’t home. It’s an ideal solution for vacation homes as well as primary residences.

*Requires LWHEM and 2nd Gen Smart Circuit Breakers for essential and non-essential circuits. Requires LWHEM integration with an Automatic Transfer Switch via a contact input.


New Decora® Countdown Timer Line has
Something for Everyone!

Our new line of Decora Countdown Timer Switches consists of eleven models in total, including 15A models featuring our new Green Flex Sleeve for easy wiring to ground or neutral wires, and 20A models that can be used in single pole, multi-way or multi-timer applications and support higher load ratings.

Leviton’s innovative Green Flex Sleeve Wire on the new 15A models provides the option to connect to ground in homes without a neutral wire; or remove the green sleeve and connect to the neutral wire, if available. Additionally, the line and load wires are interchangeable to help reduce miswiring during the installation process. The 15A models are available in six time setting options including 15-, 30- and 60- minute and 2-, 4- and 12-hour settings.

Our new 20A countdown timer models support larger loads and are the only countdown timers currently on the market that can be used for 3-way and multi-way applications as well as applications using multiple timers, where two 20A timers can be used to control the same load. These models are available in five time setting options: 30- and 60- minute and 2-, 4- and 12-hour settings. A neutral wire is required for installation.

Both the 15A and 20A models have a shallow depth of less than one inch for easier installation, an intuitive user interface with large, labeled buttons and a separate off switch. They are rated for and compatible with LED loads as well as CFL, Incandescent, Halogen, Magnetic Low Voltage, Fluorescent and Motor loads.

My Leviton: The Whole Home Solution App

An industry first, the My Leviton App offers single app control of the Leviton Smart Load Center, EV Series, and the Decora Smart® Wi-Fi® product lines, enabling users to seamlessly control load center activities, electric vehicle charging and home lighting from anywhere in the world using their smartphone or tablet. It’s the ideal way to simplify the electrical needs of your customers by keeping up with the latest technology.

Decora Smart® Wi-Fi® 2nd Gen Outdoor Plug-In Switch

Leviton’s Wi-Fi Outdoor Plug-In Switch brings your Leviton smart home outdoors to patios, yards, driveways, porches, and more. Installation is easy and requires no wiring – simply plug-in the device to an available 120VAC outlet. It is ideal for any residential setting where remote ON/OFF switching of exterior lights, string lights, holiday lights, holiday decorations and inflatables, landscape and path lighting, fountain pumps, aquarium pumps, outdoor fans, and other electronics and small appliances is needed.

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